Is my hair damaged (details below)? And how can I fix it

Ok I'll try to keep this short but first here are details on my hair:History: Straightened everyday at 400 degrees starting Septemeber 2013-October 2014. Not sure if heat damage has grown out yet. Keratin treatment in March 2014. Dyed red by myself July 2015 and August 2015. Has grown out about 2 inches.Products: Moroccanoil's shampoo (sulfate free) and Liquid Keratin's conditioner. I use these every other day and then apply a leave in conditioner (mixed chicks or carols daughter spray in)Hair type: 3a maybe, high porosity (from dye), normal-thick hair strands (not sure, maybe more towards the thicker side)Heres the problem: my hair barely curls anymore. I scrunch it after a shower&hair product application and it looks like it's gonna form nice curls but they always end up drying limp and lifeless and it looks like someone is pulling on the curls (like they are weighed down looking). They also cannot hold for more than 24 hours. My hair feels very soft and silky and its not very frizzy which is why I dont think moisturizing is needed. I did a protein treatment the other day with ion's reconstructor but I don't think it did anything. Is this lack of curl from damage? Is it straigtening out (it got curly when i was 10 from puberty and im 15 now)? Am I weighing it down? How can I fix it? Please help!!:) sorry this is so long I just miss my curls:(

1 Answer

hair texture can change with age and curls will stretch with length.  If you want more curls but want long hair you could try layers. Also try applying mouse right out the shower, comb, dry and let air dry