My hair is still damaged even after no dye & heat in over 6 months and "the big chop"

It's been over six months that I haven't used dye or heat. Plus, I had a big chop that cut off the dyed part of my hair down to the new growth about a month ago. My hair is still puffy to the point where it's one giant afro, no curls. Any explanation? I did cut my hair myself, could uneven cutting be the reason it won't curl? I don't use damaging shampoo and conditioner, I use Shea Moisture which has no harsh chemicals, so that's not it either.

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Was your natural hair always 3B? If your hair is growing out like that, I don't think its because damage but maybe because that's your natural curl type? Maybe as of now its just frizzy and as it grows more definition will appear.

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