My hair is so dry and damaged feeling. What can I do/use to make it not so dry/damaged?

I have 2C type hair that is just a pain in the butt. I've tried changing up my routine and products. It's been close to 8 months now and it seems my hair is getting worse, not better. What can I do? What am I doing wrong? I've even had hair cuts to take out the damaged ends and it still doesn't seem to help. My hair lasts about a day or so before my hair is back to being dry/damaged/unruly with frizz and knots. It knots so easily and causes me to lose clumps of it in the shower when I try to detangle.

2 Answers

My hair is dry and damaged too since I bleached it blonde a few months ago, so I've been dealing with a lot of breakage and straw-like feeling as well. What works for me when it gets really bad is a protein treatment like Aphogee or AG's Keratin Repair. I also use deep conditioning treatments like Ouidad's Meltdown Mask more often than I used to (at least once a week, sometimes twice) and try to shampoo as infrequently as possible. I have found that my hair reacts well to DevaCurl products, I assume because the ingredients are gentle on my hair. I hope this helps!
to stop my dryness so much and I also have damage from dying my hair blonde I use coconut oil and then I sleep with a plastic cap to keep my moisturize in for awhile sometime I sleep with it also it makes your hair sweat it's like keeping to moisture in it's called a conditioner cap just make sure when you put oil are use oil make sure its sealed it and there also some hair repair creams and yes aphogee tea tree treatment is great and they have shampoos in there line to use there is also dr. Miracles hair hydration oil that's is great make your hair grow like nothing before only a dollar something at Walmart there is also ummm organ oil that is also a dollar many thing you can use hope these answers can help!!