my hair is dry and heat damaged, I refuse to cut..but I've about had it with my hair. I need help

For four years straight I only straightened my hair because I thought it looked "nicer" naturally, my hair is 3b tight curls but now it looks stringy and horrible. I also died it 8 months ago which didn't help at all. Since around February I've been wearing it completely natural and noticed growth...but no improvement with the heat damage. I've tried protien treatments, hair masques ....I've switched to sulfate free shampoo and nothing has changed. I refuse to cut it but I don't know what else to do. I want my old hair back. (Pics are of damage, and how my hair used to be)

1 Answer

I'm so sorry about your hair! Unfortunately, damaged or chemically altered hair cannot really "get better". The reason for this is that the hair that we see on our head is not "alive". The cells that make it up are no longer multiplying which is what enables the rest of our body to "get better" or heal.I would encourage you to make sure you moisturize your ends very well. Start with a water-based moisturizer (I can recommend SheaMoisture Extra-Moisturizing Transitioning Milk) then seal with an oil or butter of your choice. If you want to try the LOC method, (liquid, oil, cream) you can add a cream moisturizer over the oil, but that may be too heavy for your hair. If so, perhaps choose lighter oils and moisturizers (jojoba, grapeseed oils are not too heavy). Keep doing deep conditioning treatments. Since you don't want to cut the damaged hair, you can do braid outs, twist outs, flat twist outs, or rod sets (flexirods, curlformers, etc.) to help blend your curls from the new growth to the ends. When your hair has grown out long enough for you to be comfortable with cutting off the damaged hair, you can cut it. Otherwise, I would recommend trimming half an inch or so of the damaged hair every 8 weeks as your hair grows out to reduce tangling and knotting...I had that a LOT with damaged hair.I hope that helps!