My hair has been extremely dry (straw-like), frizzy, tangled and falling out. Any ideas why?

I deep condition once weekly, and I cowash, but my curls feel over processed and super super dry as of the last month. It's started falling out in clumps because it's so matted together. I deep conditioned last night and my curls felt silky and soft for maybe 45 seconds after rinsing, and went right back to feeling like straw. I considered that maybe it's stress bc I'm active duty military, and stopped pulling my hair tight into a bun, but the dryness and roughness persists. I've tried clarification and shampooing and it's still awful. The pictures: it went from being soft and curly and manageable, to not really curling anymore, to me having to pack it full of curl cream for it to look semi decent.

1 Answer

What are the products you are using?