why is my hair falling so much??

Hey guys, so my hair falls A LOT! I did this thing about 3years ago called GK Juvexin which is a hair taming treatment. It allows my hair to he curly but to seal the product in, you flat iron your hair and you could after as much as you want cause it's a heat protection. My hair "grows" but it never actually shows until I straighten it and I can't leave my hair curly cause it doesn't look like nice curls (not attractive at all)It's really embarrassing when my friends have to dust me off in school cause there's so much hair on my back, almost as if I'm shedding like a dog. I'll leave an image of my curly hair (that's the best picture I have cause as I said i don't take much with my curly hair cause it just dries and isn't attractive cause there's some straight-ish strands. I'm not sure of my hair type either...I'm 15 btw :(

2 Answers

i think you have heat damage , just stop using heat even if your using a heat protection product maybe your hair doesn't like it , and start taking care of your hair by using products or oils , coconut oil and castor oil is great for hair growth but if you have thin hair or low porosity it's best to use light  oils like olive oil , curly hair needs more time to grow so you gotta be patient , if you don't like how your curls look like then start doing braids instead of using heat until you feel that your hair is long enough to cut the damaged parts , hair porosity is very important to know there's a lot of ways to know what kind of porosity you have you can youtube it , if you have high porosity do a protein treatment once a month and deep condition once a week but if you have low porosity do a protein treatment when needed ( hair breakage and hair loss) and deep condition once a week
Due to both medication & ignorance of how to truly take car of curly hair, I was losing hair. It became scary.I take Biotin daily & massage my scalp frequently. It works for me.