Why is my hair falling in chunks and being extra frizzy and dry lately?

Lately , my hair has changed completely and i don't have the slightest clue why ??it has become so dry , and so frizzy .and it has been falling in chunks ( i'm not kidding ) i feel like i lost a ton of hair although i take good care of my health and drink water i eat properly .. proteins and iron .i do live in a very dry area thoi rarely use heat styling tools and dye my hairi shampoo n condition twice a week and i use my microfiber hair turban to dry it ,, and i detangle with a wide tooth comb .. and sometimes with a brush before i shower ( dry )what am i doing wrong here ?and it is not growing fasti admit i haven't been using any oils lately hair type : 3a/1b curly hair

2 Answers

how do you moisturize your hair?
Hi,Hair fall could be due to stress and tension too. Keep yourself relaxed and try home remedies like banana with milk, avocado, mayonnaise etc for dry and frizzy hair.