My hair keep falling and especially from the hairline :(

My hair was falling normally like any hair but short time a while it begins to fall with big quantities and then i noticed that my hairline was losing much hair and it still losing and i am hurted  when i comb the hairline and i feel like each hair is going to pop out of the follicle when i detangle with the comb im scared of losing more hair and become semi bald :( and i want to regrow the lost hair 

1 Answer

I just answered someone who had almost the same question, so I'm just going to paste what I wrote there:Ok, so one thing that could be contributing to hair loss is product buildup, so make sure you're using a clarifying shampoo pretty regularly, as long as it's not drying out your hair. Another thing that might help is doing nightly oil scalp massages (just massage your head with a carrier oil every night). Different oils do different things, of course, so here's a quick rundown on carrier oils and what they do to your scalp:Olive oil has a lot of vitamins, causing healthy hair growthJojoba oil is the closest replacement for sebum, your natural scalp oilCoconut oil is great for moistureThose are probably some of the best optionsYou might want to add a couple drops of essential oils to your carrier oil (although they're very expensive, they can also be very helpful, and they last forever)Essential oils that help with hair loss are:Rosemary oilCedar oilClary sage oilPeppermint oil (which helps because it helps blood-flow to the scalp, which in turn helps with hair growth. The act of massaging also helps with blood flow). Other essential oils I like to use are tea tree oil, which helps detoxify the scalp and helps with itching and dandruff, and lavender, which calms the scalp.Another thing that helps with hair loss is coffee rinses. Just cover your hair with cold coffee and wait a few minutes. If nothing works, try visiting a trichologist. I'm definitely not a trichologist, I'm just a 15 year old who is obsessed with keeping her hair healthy, so take my advice with a grain of salt. Hope this was helpful!Good luck!