Is this because my hair is fragile or braids where to tight ?

this is with my braids in for two weeks. Yes , I have dandruff but all those white bulbs are my hair being pulled out. I have rash like around front edges and back of scalp. Help ?! I have Caucasian hair texture. Is my hair fragile or was job done poorly . I went to a African hair salon and paid 350.00 for these. 

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these are my braids 
I can't see the photo of your hair but I will say this, WITH A DISCLAIMER FIRST:**My Answer Is In NO WAY About Race or Racial Matters, Please Do Not Take This The Wrong Way Love.**People have to be very careful with who braids their hair as it is because if the braiding is too tight it will pull out the hair and it can cause permanent damage that can potentially be irreversible. That being said, Caucasian textured hair isn't generally built for these types of braids. Especially if its not in the 3b-4c range, it generally doesn't have the curves, bends, and strength to hold up the synthetic hair without some form of hair loss. I'm not sure if by "Caucasian texture" you mean your hair is Silky textured and not cottony or spongy or if you meant your hair is 1-2c curl pattern wise? I can't see the photo of your braids so I'm not sure lol. African braiders are known for the very tight intricate braiding that they do. I have 3c-4a hair and even I dont go to them with the exception of one who does not braid tightly and listens and has experience with natural hair.If your strands are fine, as in if each individual strand on your head is smaller than the thickness of a piece of thread, it is DEFINITELY not a good idea to get these types of braids done tightly. I would remove the braids, and use Jamaican Black Castor Oil to help where the white bulbs are. Hope this helps, xo