My hair only grows when I take supplements and I've been natural for a little more than 5 year. Why?

When I take biotin it grows about half of an inch and grows a little less than that when I have braids. I'm wondering if it is just my hair or the previous things I have done to it. The 1st three year my hair was always in braids because I had a lot of breakage from perms. And it grew. It wasn't until the last 2 years I did twist out and wore it in an afro, but when I do that it doesn't grow unless I take vitamins. I'm wondering is it the synthetic material I'm the braid hair that's ruining my strands of I just have a very slow growth rate. I have combination hair of 3c at the nape, and 4a and 4b all the way around. Seems like mostly 4a. My hair also close to my collarbone when I do a length check

2 Answers

It sounds like you either have a naturally long growth cycle, or you may need to work on your nutrition because you may have a deficiency somewhere. If you have a lot of split ends and arent getting them trimmed, that could also be the cause. I hope this helps, xo :)
there's a difference between hair growth and length retention. It sounds like when you protect your hair, you preserve your length. and when you style it loose, you don't retain as much length. Your hair is probably growing at the same rate --- it's your ability to KEEP that length that changes depending on your routine. So if your hair breaks from the ends as fast as it grows from the scalp, it may seem like your hair isn't growing. Try styles like this for a while and see if it helps: