Hair growth for already natural curls???

Okay, so I always seen hair growth videos about transitioning hair but I've been natural my whole and I can't seem to find any help on growing out my hair. I take care of my hair and do deep treatment masks at least once a week. Please help! Thank you.

1 Answer

Do you do nightly oil scalp massages? I started doing those, and my hair has grown 4 inches in the past 4 months. Basically, what they do is they stimulate blood flow to the scalp. Also they feel really nice. Anyways, as for what oil to use, I use jojoba oil because it's light, but if I were you, I'd use jamaican black castor oil (or plain castor oil is fine too, but make sure the bottle says that it's pure, of course.) Since you have 3C hair, it won't weigh your hair down, and JBCO is famous for hair growth. I would also mix in some essential oils if you have any; peppermint oil is great for blood flow, rosemary is great for hair thickness, and tea tree oil is amazing for detoxifying your scalp. Other tips I have are to definitely not use heat styling tools, and to also only trim your hair if there are split ends. Hope this was helpful!