Is my hair heat damaged or is this my natural hair pattern? (Picture Included)

I had my last relaxer in 2013, so just over two years. I was blow drying my hair often throughout this time as I was not even aware of how much the heat would damage my hair. I have recently done a big chop and my hair is quite short now but I find that the curls on the back of my head are very curly and springy and then the curls in the middle of my head or curly (but less so) and the front is wavy but it tends to curl if I finger coil them. Can anyone let me know if I am suffering from heat damage or is it that my curls are just looser in the front/ middle and less so in the back? Please see the pictures of my hair. Thanks so much curlies! 

1 Answer

It seems like the color-treated portions might be, but your hair looks healthy. I would wait until it grows out more because your new growth will be a better indicator.