I feel like I am losing my mind. I have been natural since I was in sixth grade but I stopped traditionally getting it flat-ironed over the summer. From then until like November my hair was good. It was healthy, my twist-outs we're perfect all the time, and I was pleased. But then I let my aunt flat iron it again and then I had some heat damaged hair when I washed it like three weeks later. I was paranoid and cut some off. To the point that one part of my hair closest to my hairline is a tiny little puff. Anyway, as time went on, my hair broke off to the point where my Afro didn't look as full anymore. I recently got box braids two months ago and before I took them out yesterday, I started moisturizing my hair every two days the three weeks prior (I know,  I didn't know you had to moisturize hair in box braids.) I took them out and it looked the same length. I washed it and hair felt really dry and the same EXACT way as before. I saw some heat damage because before I got my box braids I let my aunt flat iron my hair again because I needed my ends trimmed. And my hair looked healthy and shiny as ever. Anyway, there was no new heat damage but it had grown out some from the box braids. So I cut it some more off just now. Right now I am doing my twist out with CANTU curling creme and a bottle mix of Castor oil, coconut oil, glycerine and Jojoba oil. My other natural aunt made it for me. My twists feel dry and rough and like a lot of hair is just sticking out and I feel like crying. I am tired of seeing other girls with pretty natural hair that bounces while mine is just.. not. I'm fourteen and I don't know what to do. I washed my hair with Suave Natural ocean breeze and conditioned with the same product for two hours (caUSE I had to clean my room ) please help me. I'm desperate! 

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Hey! I'm so sorry to hear about your frustration, getting healthier hair is never easy. It sounds like you're doing the right things by doing protective styles and using natural oils. I would suggest completely staying away from heat. I went almost a year with no heat to my hair a while back and I noticed it was the healthiest it had ever been. Using a deep conditioning mask at least once a week with natural ingredients like olive oil and coconut oil will also help. Stay away from products with harsh chemicals and try switching to organic products. I just did a video on my favorite products for natural curly hair, check it out - it might help =)