Hair is very healthy...but will not grow?

I got my "big chop" back in February of last year, and since then have been rarely straightening it. I've cut washing down to a minimum of less that 3 times a week, condition with castor oil and leave-in conditioners overnight on Sundays, etc. The ends of my hair have little to no signs of split ends and unfortunately have shown no signs of growing. I'm not really sure what the case is... but why won't my hair grow! It's been about bra-strap length, or a little shorter, my whole life, I want longer hair! 

2 Answers

Your genetics determine a terminal length for your hair. Your's might be bra strap length. There's not much you can do if that length is genetic.
Sounds like you are doing everything correctly!Have you tried taking a supplement like a generic hair, skin, and nail vitamin?Or have you considered incorporating more oils that have been known to increase the rate of growth and stimulate the scalp BESIDES castor oil? Sometimes our hair and scalp can become "used" to the products that we use and stop responding. Maybe its time to switch products and/or practices.