Hair loss, and I'm 14? Please help!

I previously asked this question but no one answered, so I'm re-asking. So, I've worn my hair in tight ponytails 24/7 for a few months (over the summer), and I experienced quite a bit of hair loss, and by quite a bit, I mean that I've lost nearly half of my beautiful thick curls. I realized that the ponytails were the problem around 4 months ago. I was just wondering if there was any chance that my hair would grow back, when it would, and if there was anything I could do. Please, please help! I miss my thick hair soooo much. Thank you in advance!

3 Answers

Your hair should grow back, no problem. 
Do you always wear your hair up? If you do that could be the problem.
I'd go see a doctor for a blood test. Not to sound like a doomsayer or anything, but I'm sixteen and had a lot of hair loss since around fourteen. Like a LOT. I went to a doctor and a blood test showed I was borderline iron deficient. I started taking iron supplements and now, my hair doesn't fall out so much.It might not be why your hair is falling out, but it's a good thing to check.