Hair porosity-Not high but not medium?

Hello everyone, my name is Breanna. I have 3Bish curls....well...I actually don't know my exact hair type, I just know that they're curly not really coiled or kinky. If you look up glamtwinz334 on youtube (their hair is just amazing...all natural) that's exactly how my hair is. The problem being...Whenever I see white people hair or biracial hair...I get jealous whenever their hair is wet lol. I know that sounds funny but when I get right out the shower my hair is sort of damp but not like biracial hair. I guess their hair porosity is very low which is why their hair takes hours to dry? My hair is sometimes confused with biracial hair because I look mixed...but I'm not. lol. But is there anyway I can permanently change my hair porosity? Or is there a way where I can get my hair porosity to be low? I just want my hair to take hours to dry. Also...when biracial hair gets wet and it's curly...the curls usually don't poof up as much and the texture is amazing. That's why I want to know if there's anyway I can get my hair to have a low or medium porosity to keep my hair wet for hours.

2 Answers

To my knowledge, no there is no permanent way to change your hair's porosity level. Simply just products, supplements, and methods of dealing and coping with what it naturally is. Also remember that eventually, their hair does dry and chances are it looks completely different then when wet. Also remember that everyone's hair is different as is their porosity and a long drying time does not always equal low porosity. Overall health, diet, and environment play a key role too.
Your hair is beautiful Stop focusing on "biracial hair", that is an ignorant term and statement and has no scientific backing. Not all hair is alike regardless of ethnicity. Learn to love the hair you are born with or it will send you on a path to bitterness and envy your whole life.