It seems that my hair is shedding daily, should I be worried about this and if so, what can I do?

3 Answers

no don't be worried! I co wash my hair daily and I shed a lot of hair in the shower: my hair is perfectly healthy. It's a very normal thing. Some people Shed more than others- some people don't even shed. But if your hair is "shredding" meaning that your hair is falling out in clumps, breaking and is shedding way way way too much and it's not a healthy amount, it might be because of iron deficiency(that happened to my grandmother). If your hair is shedding more than you want it to, Aphogee protein treatment helped me not lose so much hair while detangling. Hope this helps! 
Yes she is right.  When hair if shedding more than usual, the problem is something within rather than without.  Yes the Aphogee Treatment is a great go to when this occurs but it may not permanently fix the problem but rather be a complement.  So look within, are you stressed out?  Is your diet rich in vegetables and proteins?  Have you changed to a new form of birth control or other hormone influencer.  Within you is the answer, once you find it, make the necessary changes and you should see a shift in the shedding of your hair, UNLESS there is an underlying illness present, in which case you should contact a Certified Trichologist or Dermotologist.
I have the same question, how much is normal? I kept my hair very short for years because when it got to a certain length it would just fall out and clog up the shower drain, and it looked awful. Now I'm doing all the "curly girl" stuff (co-washing, satin pillowcase, etc.) and it still sheds/breaks but not as much. I tried washing my hair with coffee, which is supposed to help ( I'm seeing improvement in my hair, but I still have hairs coming off in my hands when I apply conditioner.