Why do my hair strands feel crackled??

so I am worried..my hair strands feel rough and cricked, I wash my hair every 4-6 weeks because I braid them for school. After washing I apply cream and coconut oil but it soon dries out and my hair feels crunchy. I plait it for bed blow dry, straighten so that when I'm plaiting the hair dresser does not complain about my thickness and hardness (when she does she brushes it and pulls out sections of my hair) then go to braid my hair. Whilst it's in braids I spray water on it and cream it but sections still dry out. PLEASE HELP ME FIX THIS ISSUEAnd could you tell me my hair type (the picture with the whitebackground/ stuck down with tapeis of the hardest part of my hair dry and the rest are of my hair wet and with cream applied  ) thanks. Sorry for so many pictures and just really worried and frustrated. 

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