How to keep my hair from thinning out?

My hair has been falling out more than usual latly.  I made the decision to become a vegetarian in Janurary and i'm not sure if this is the reasult of that or what.  I leave my hair natural 99.999% of the time and I'm obsessed with keeping it healthy. I'm not exactly sure what more i need to do and what i'm doing wrong. 

2 Answers

well , becoming a vegetarian might have caused it. That is a dramatic change in your diet . But before we start to blame your choice to become vegetarian , you should try a protein treatment .When hair falls out more that usual or doesn't feel strong , it needs protein ,( which a lot of meats contain) Aphogee has a very nice protein treatment that will make your hair stronger . Just make sure you use a deep conditioner afterwards because protein can dry out your hair .you need a balance of both protein and moisture ( from the deep conditioner ) to have nice , strong , healthy hair . If this does not help then I would consult my doctor immediately . 
Hi there!You have gorgeous hair!I'd definitely try a protein treatment. I'd also start making mental notes of what you're eating. I'm no expert, but you could be lacking protein, iron, etc. To fix this you could try-Eating more beans, tofu, spinach, nuts, etc.For your hair-Try an egg treatment.Whisk 2 egg yolks, and 3 tsp coconut oil together. Apply to scalp and hair, put a bag on it, and wash out with cool water.If none of this works, definitely get a dr's appt. God bless on your anti- thin journey!