My hair is type 2B and thinning, damaged, frizzy, weak, lifeless - I need some help!:(

I'm having a serious mare with my hair!Its type 2B but is frizzy, thinning, weak and really damaged even though I thought I was really looking after it. The curls are so undefinied. Can people please suggest products to save my hair?! 

1 Answer

I suggest following the Curly Girl Method (lots of info on here, Youtube and Pinterest. Also you might try a protein treatment and if your hair responds well use products that include protein. I am protein sensitive so I don't know what those products are but search on this site and elsewhere for some info. Hope that gets things rolling for you. Also, if it is thinning is it from something more internal? Have you had your Thyroid checked that is a sign along with the outer edges of our eyebrows thinning out. Vitamins might also be needed. Such as a hair complex supplement or biotin at the minimum. Things to look into. Best of luck!!