What is my hair type and why am I not able to retain water no matter what I do?

hi everyone. My name is Breanna.  I have really curly hair and I'm African American. Just that. I'm not mixed or anything directly. My hair has been growing super fast and it's really healthy, I've been doing oil treatments, deep conditioning, natural shampoo and conditioner, apple cider vinegar instead of shampoo sometimes, Co washing, moisturizing my hair with shea moisture,  etc. I'm very confused on what my hair type is....and I can't tell at all. Can someone please tell me?Also, whenever I take a shower and I do actually rinse my hair or cleanse it or whatever....it doesn't stay wet or "damp". It dries really quickly no matter what I do so I always have to re wet my hair. Is there a way I can make my hair texture change? Naturally?  Like when Caucasian hair or "mixed hair" typically gets wet...it stays wet. You know ? The girl in the pink shorts  isn't me. I'm the girl in the pink shirt. It's just just a random photo. But her hair isn't dripping wet....it's "damp". You know how Caucasian hair usually takes hours to dry...is there any way I could make my hair that way? 

1 Answer

Hello Beautysnauture, Looks like you're a type 3b-3c. Check out this page to learn more about what the heck that means (I know it can be confusing). Once you know your hair type, you will definitely want to look at hair porosity. Take the porosity test and you'll learn why your hair dries instantly. It sounds like maybe your hair is highly porous (but don't hold me to that, it's best if you test it yourself) so it loses moisture quickly. There's really no way to change your porosity...but you can learn how to care for it properly. Not sure why you want your hair to "stay wet." Wet hair is good for when you're applying product, but after that it's best if you let your hair dry naturally.