Hair used to be 3a/2c and is now 2a! How can I get it back ?

hello I was wondering if someone could please help me get back my old hair. I certainly miss it! In the summer of 2013 I decided I wanted a huge change so I decided to take my chocolate brown hair and go blonde. A decision I will hate forever. The hair stylists bleached and bleached and bleached my precious locks trying to get them to turn but my mid shaft would not budge. And she preceded to tell me my hair would not return to normal until I grew my roots to my ends (4years her words) I cried, understood when back to black and started joico reconstruct products. When I could I cut my hair, I'll post pictures. I have not dyed it since, I have received multiple haircuts in between then, I do not use hair or styling products why is my hair not back to normal? What can I do? :(  

1 Answer

So do you have any colored parts left in your hair? If so, continue to deep condition. Try a few kinds since they all offer different proteins. I like Hask Keratin Packs. But the most helpful thing you can do is to start the Curly Girl method. You can find more about it on this site, Pinterest, online and in the book Curly Girl Handbook by Lorraine Massey. Basically using sulfate free shampoo, not washing every day (washing with conditioner between shampoos if possible) and removing all products with non-water soluble silicones from your regimen! Using the CG method, I have gone from 2a-b to 2b-c and some 3a hidden underneath! Your hair will improve over weeks and months and if you have damaged hair it will help it but you might not see the full extent of your curl potential again until it is cut off. Here is a quick reference but there is a bit more to know than just this. Look up info about porosity and silicones as well to get you going.