Hairfinity or other hair vitamins?

A few months ago, I had a friend from school tell me about hairfinity and she said it really works for her. However, I am thinking about buying it now and I've watched some reviews on it and most reviews were similar. It can thin out your hair, it can actually change the texture of your hair, and it can cause you to break out. My hair is suffers from heat damage, and all though I have decided not to cut it off, I'd still like to see my hair growing at a faster pace, and I'm not really sure if I should use hair vitamins or not or what I should do. Help!

3 Answers

I've never tried Hairfinity, but I've had excellent results with pre-natal vitamins & the GNC Hair, Nails, Skin vitamin.
Look for 2 ingredients- Biotin & MSM. There is a recent article on that explains in detail based on research for hair vitamins.