my hairs roots are really curly by the rest is straight, how do I make my hair revert back to curly?

I need some serious help! so my hair is naturally really curly and puffy but i straighten it with keratin and another protein for a few years now and now my hair is really curly at the roots and the rest is straight, is there anyway i can revert the straight hair to my natural curly hair??? because i dont want to cut all my hair off

2 Answers

Unfortunately, it seems like you may have heat and chemical damage. You can try deep conditioning and protein treatments, but, if those don't work, you may just have to transition your hair - so you don't have to cut it all off at once. 
I second what DomiCurls says, there is no way to get your natural curl on hair that has been treated with a keratin/etc. relaxing treatment because they permanently alter your hair structure, you may have some curl, but of course it will be looser in pattern than your untreated roots. Follow a routine that will help you retain moisture and definition, don't skip out on conditioner in the shower and do regular deep conditioning, a popular protein treatment here is the Aphogee 2-Step (sold at Sally Beauty Supply), it will help strengthen your hair. Most people here follow a Leave-in/lotion - Cream - Oil routine (LOC) or a Leave in/lotion - Cream - Gel or Mousse (LCG/LCM) routine to retain moisture. You may find the Transitioning forum on CurlTalk here helpful. A great way to disguise your two different textures are by following a LOC/LCG/LCM routine then setting it in a heatless style by keeping your hair in a twist out/braids and various other methods, there are tons of tutorials on Youtube. I'll post one of my favorites below. Just a general tip for heatless curls/waves: make sure you don't unravel your hair until it is completely, 100% dry because it usually frizzes when taken out too early, use a blow drier on a warm/cool setting when it's around 60-70% air dried if needed :).