Is it healthy to do NOTHING with your hair?

I recently got a Pixie cut, which I AM IN LOVE WITH! One thing I noticed that my hair has been WAY more cooperative with me. I have more volume, my curls stay in contact longer, my hair feels cleaner longer. It's like a curly hair dream come true! The only thing I do now is co-wash. Before my hair cut I would co-wash, use leave-in conditioner, plop, sometimes I would diffuse it, and my curls would never be nice. My roots would ALWAYS fall flat, the curls would fall flat, everything was just flat (except the frizz of course). Can a hair cut really make that much of a difference to where I can almost do NOTHING to my hair, and still look good? 

2 Answers

Absolutely! If you have a looser curl pattern the weight of your hair being long will pull out the curl making your hair look flat.
Yes, it's absolutely healthy to do nothing with your hair. Some people go as far to only use water to cleanse their hair. I have never tried it, personally, because I use too many styling products that I need a surfactant to cleanse my scalp. But if you don't use any stylers, I'd say that water is enough! It may take time for your scalp to adjust, but it will eventually. Good luck! Your pixie is beautiful!