Heat Damage, Straight Hair Training, or Natural Texture?

After two big chops, I was getting my hair flat-ironed by hairstylists at least once every two months. But, in between appointments, I would not wash my hair. I just put some oil or pomade in my hair every other day and wrap it at night. After I had my hair flat-ironed and dyed in an ombre style (my first time) two months ago, I decided to stop getting it flat-ironed, start transitioning again, started washing it once every two weeks, and did twist out styles. After washing my hair a week ago, I decided to let it air dry and not style it. I noticed that the front of my hair was straight, while the back of my hair was curly/coily. I have no idea what my hair texture is, but I am concerned that I'm experiencing heat damage.I just went to the salon today for my hair appointment to do a big chop or a cut of some kind, but she said that my hair is not damaged. She said that have multiple textures in my hair, but she did not know what type I was. She said that my curls reverted back mostly while she was washing it and did a perm-rod set on my hair. She recommended that I do protein-treatments and deep condition my hair. I agree with her feedback, but I am still concerned that I have heat damage...I was terrified of the thought of getting a big chop for the third time, but I was determined to follow through with that plan (even though I feel ugly no matter what hair style I have...and I worry that short hair could make that feeling worse). Now...I feel sad that I did not chop my hair. I am probably overreacting and overthinking things as my stylist and family members have said, but I just want to make sure that I am healthy. I'm at a point in my life where I really need to be healthy...inside and out...and having healthy hair is a part of this journey.Based on my description (and an embarrassing picture before my hair appointment), could I be experiencing heat damage? Is it just due to neglecting to wear my hair natural more often, causing some of my hair to become straight? Or is this my natural texture (I took multiple quizzes and I've gotten the 4a, 4b, and even some from the 3c category)?

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