Heat Damaged! Straight Pieces! Front Pieces and Side Bangs are fried and will not curl! Please, help

I got a keratin treatment a few months ago because I thought I wanted to go straight. When I go to the salon, the stylist told me that the pieces framing my face and side bangs were VERY damaged from me straightening my hair every single day. That's when I decided I wanted to go curly! Since the treatment, I have straightened my hair about 5 times and left my hair curly the rest of the time. I use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners, and salon products trying to bring my curl back. My bangs Have gotten a little wave back but mainly fall straight onto my face. My side pieces in front of my ears are only about 2 inches long, straight, stick out like crazy and very coarse. The rest of my hair is pretty curly except some pieces underneath have fallen straight or curl towards the root and straighten out. My hair truly looks awful! What should I do? Have I completely lost my curl? Should I give up on my pattern and go straight? Will I ever get it back? Should I get a curly perm on the places where I need my curl to return? Please, help!

1 Answer

You have heat damage. Once hair is damaged that severely you can only cut it off. It will not curl naturally anymore even with a curly kit. Get a nice trim every few months or big chop and stay away from the heat!