Hi! This is my first time posting on this site and I'm hoping that maybe someone can help me? I have 3c/4a curls I have been natural all my life although I most of then wore my hair straight with clip in hair extensions. I straightened my whole head about twice a month but because I had bangs I would straighten them every single day which of course led to some breakage. It wasn't to bad though but my hair was always kind if dry. Since I'm home from school now I decided to give my hair a rest and it was actually getting back to good condition. I was only using shea moisture products and coconut and olive oils. Well stupid me decided that I needed a "change" and I went to cvs and got a box hair dye. It was the loreal dark ash blonde I went ahead and put that in my hair and it came out copper so I waited two weeks and went out and bought garnier light ash blonde it took out all the coppery tones and left me with a nice dark honey caramel color which I loved.... Until my roots started growing in I dyed it a dark ash brown and it turned my hair splotchy black and super dry! What can I do?

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This sounds like a job for a stylist.... Unfortunately, Im not sure I can help you with this one. Box dyes are kinds tricky and if you are only doing roots to match the rest of your hair its even trickier. Take deep breaths and go ahead and make an appointment.