HELP PLEASE! i don't know what's wrong with my hair!!

so about 5 months or so i started noticing a horrible change in my hair. it started to not dry right anymore. when it would dry, there would be knots apon knots (yes i know curly hair is supposed to have knots but my hair never had knots like this) i started noticing that the hair that seemed to be dry & knotted was by my scalp, so i figured let me cut it. so i trimmed it & that didn't help at all, if not made it worse. my hair feels so rough, & it seems really stringy, my curls are still very much in tact tho, but the back & all the hair by my scalp is just knots, knots, & more knots... something my hair NEVER did. when i wash it & wear it curly it's fine for the day i wash it & then when i go to sleep i wake up & the bottom is just matted to disbelief, so here i am washing it again to try over. i'm just so depressed & i don't know what to do. i just want my hair back. ): (i don't know my curl pattern either) HELP me please i'm depressed. (the picture i put up is before all this horrible stuff started happening) i do use a fan to dry my hair, but i only use heat once or twice in the winter time. 

2 Answers

check your products if any of them has protein and if they have protein then stop using them because using a lot of protein can make your hair very dry this is called protein overload you can search it on youtube to get a better idea , and when you use your products try to not put them near the scalp or on top of your head , I usually apply them like i apply my conditioner never on top of my head or on the scalp , try combing your hair while the conditioner is still on your hair , try using the bentonite clay because it does help with a lot of things , i feel that detoxing is a good way to start 
yup! Sounds like too much protein which can hurt your hair if you over use/wrong hair type.