HELP! im 13 years old and i need advice. im loosing alot of hair

my hair is wavy/straight to my ears but from my ears down its curly. im loosing alot of hair everyday, its constantly on the floor at home :(( i tend to brush it all the time and my hairstyles are tight to my scalp and head. i dont understand why my curls dont form at the top. should i get a haircut????????????? should i leave my hair rest abit from all my tight hairstyle?? i hate seeing my hair damage

4 Answers

You're probably losing all that hair due to brushing and wearing all of those tight hairstyles. Try wearing loose styles and detangling your hair with a wide tooth comb. Also what kind of products are you using? If they have sulfates or silicones, that can also to hair loss. 
It is just shed hair, maybe some breakage. Don't worry about it. Your curls may naturally start lower, you're probably a 2b or 2c, as 3a hair tends to have more root curl or at least wave. If you change your expectations of how your hair "should" look and accept it how it is, you'll be much happier with the result.
What Stayfierce says. Try not to comb so much... and when you do comb, do it when it's wet and full of leave-in conditioner. And maybe come up with some other style ideas that aren't so tight. 
I was your age and went through the same thing. I lost nearly half my hair before realizing the problem! It was all my tight hairstyles. You need to stop with those. Only a week or two after I stopped, my hair stopped falling out drastically. The damage was done, but hey, at least it wasn't continuing.