Help! Moisture needed! Second-day hair is a no-go, and hair type is a mystery

I've been fighting my hair for years, and I'm finally forcing myself to do the trial-and-error method when it comes to products and styling. I'm working on my wash-and-go to give my scalp a break from twists and braiding, but my hair just feels and looks incredibly dry. I use the DevaCurl One Condition as my co-wash/detangler, and then SheaMoisture Curl Style Milk as my leave in and then the Eco-Styler Argan gel, and if I take my time and do it right I get pretty great curl definition. But there is no second-day hair. There are curls and frizz and it looks very much like "hey this hair was in a sleep bonnet about six hours ago, check it out". I'm trying to pick a deep conditioner to try, and I understand most people use them weekly but I don't know if that's going to be enough. Should I use a heavier leave-in? I've tried the Sheamoisture Curl Enhancing smoothie and it just felt sticky/kind of drying.Any product recommendations?? Routine changes? Do you think I'd have better luck with the pineapple and a silk pillowcase? Thanks!  

4 Answers

You could try a mexican product line called sedal, it's very good for dry hair. Maybe you should try the pineapple method it would probably help with your second day hair troubles. Also, twisting with sedal's anti frizz cream (it's in a blue bottle) while wet should help.
Throw a banana, mayo, and honey (about two tablespoons of each) in your blender. Use it as a mask during your shower. Works wonders for me, no product has compared. You may need to double it! Your hair is BeaTiFul!!!
Your hair may not like shea butter. Have you tried testing your porosity? I have low porosity and my hair looks better when I apply heat after my styling products. Have you tried giovanni direct leave in then argan oil eco styler on top? I add a little jojoba oil or argan oil just on the ends. That is what I use. Took a lot of trial and error for me to find the products that work. Be patient.I use the 2 minute aphogee reconstructor as my deep conditioner only once a week. 
ugh your hair is gorgeous ! Just give it a hot oil treatment whenever you see it thirsty. Organic olive oil is the best in my opinion but test out different oils and see what your hair likes best :)