Help, Persistent Dandruff?

The shampoos my doctor and a derm suggested all had SLS or silicones. I even tried a prescription one with SLS but my dandruff came back quick and the SLS stripped my hair. I've tried massaging different oils in. Recently got this odd oil from amazon and I've only used it twice in about a week but no difference. Any suggestions??

2 Answers

Hi Danniro, Yes, dandruff is quite annoying. Is your dandruff concentrated on the back of your head? A while back I had a bad case of dandruff in the back of my head and I realized that I was over scrubbing my scalp and over conditioning it. I was using heavy conditioners and not taking enough time to rinse it out thoroughly. Perhaps you are doing the same? I recommend a tea tree shampoo. Try SheaMoisture's african black soap. That doesn't have any silicones and it should be gentle enough. Or, I highly recommend U R Curly Soya Shampoo. It has tea tree oil and eucalyptus so it feels tingly and cool on your scalp. Really, anything with tea tree oil is going to help your scalp. And, remember not to be too harsh with your scalp, and if you're conditioning it and using these oils, rinse them out thoroughly. Good luck. Keep us posted. :) 
Using coconut oil as a hot oil treatment helps and also adding raw grade A honey to a deep conditioner helps to get rid of dandruff.