Please help! Is it possible for my natural hair 3B curly spiral would turn into straight wavy hair??

im always having a problem with my natural curly spiral hair, im tying it everyday. If i will lay it down it will be a disaster for my hair, specially im from a tropical country. Is it possible for my hair turn into straight wavy hair? Like female koreans? Thank you godbless!*attached photo is my hair when its wet.

1 Answer

Hi! It sounds like your hair might be damaged, or it could just be an issue with your daily hair routine.1. Products: Are you using products with a lot of cones or sulfates? Are you moisturizing it enough? 2. Styles: If you tie it up a lot, that stretches your curls out. It gives you more length, but pulls your curls out of their possibly tighter curl pattern.3. Styling: Do you comb/brush a lot, or at all while your hair is dry? Are you using any heat tools?There's a lot more that could probably be asked/said, but these are some basics you could examine in your routine and make changes to accordingly to see what happens. Sorry your curls are acting funky; I hope this helps! :)