Help! My sensitive and acne prone skin doesn't like many curly hair products. Any suggestions?

I apologize in advance for the novel... :) I have 3B/3C hair and I've been following the curly girl method for about 7 years now. I've tried the Deva Curl (acne + itchy scalp), Mixed Chicks (not enough moisture and loads of product build up), and Jessicurl lines (not enough moisture and the smell made me get headaches). Interestingly when I used MC's DC, sulfate free shampoo and leave in combined with KCCC I had no problem with my acne... just horrible product buildup and it wasn't moisturizing enough. Anyway I need to find some good moisturizing products that won't aggravate my scalp or cause me to break out like crazy. I've been attempting to link my issues with certain ingredients and I think that propylene glycol may cause some of the itchy-ness and Shea butter maybe one problem ingredient for causing the acne.Does anyone have this problem or have any ideas of products that won't aggravate my extremely sensitive skin? I'm desperate! TIA!

2 Answers

Your detective work sounds good. Go from there. Try to avoid a lot of scalp contact with products that could aggravate it. I had bad luck with Deva Curl too (itchy scalp and tenderness). I would try the KCCC again but try and find a different shampoo and conditioner. Maybe even a simply conditioner co-wash like Suave Naturals between shampoos. Did you try KCKT or a milk type product under the KCCC so you can avoid some contact with your back, neck and scalp like a heavy rinse out conditioner would pose. I put a robe on when apply products to avoid my neck breaking out and usually give my neck a spray with the water bottle when I am done and wipe off any product residue. You might look up some homemade things too with oil and glycerin so you can eliminate some offending ingredients and then if you have a problem you will know exactly what to cut out!
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