Nothing helps my itchy, flaky scalp!

Hey there, I've suffered with moderate scalp itching and flaking for about 6 years now, and although it will occasionally improve, I have not been without it since I was a teenager. I went to a few different doctors and each of them insisted it was seb derm and recommended I try the usual medicated shampoos with a hydrocortisone lotion. I've tried many different kinds of shampoos including head and shoulders, nizoral, selsun blue, and one with coal tar in it, and if anything, they all irritated my scalp even more. Nevermind how the lotion was nearly impossible to apply to my scalp through my thick hair and once my prescription was finished, my condition flared up worse than ever!I've tried most of the common natural remedies as well, like tea tree oil, ACV, coconut oil, olive oil, aloe, honey, and lemon without any noticeable improvement. I've tried sulfate, paraben, and fragrance free products and have not dyed my hair in over a year (oddly enough, when I bleached my hair a few years ago, it actually almost completely rid me of the flaking for several months). For a couple years I was also eating a mostly raw, gluten free diet with only fish and the occasional dairy product here and there for animal products. I'm mostly just frustrated because doctors keep telling me the same thing over and over again. I doubt it's seb derm because I've used natural antifungal treatments for years, although I do have very oily skin so I'm not sure if that may be contributing to the irritation I'm experiencing. I don't think it's eczema because it doesn't really look like typical eczema. I also don't know if it's psoriasis because it seems to be exclusive to within the my hairline, although I have had very small breakouts in a few other places like on my chin and arms. It appears as flat, red blotches with fairly thin, white scales covering it, that lift off my skin as my hair moves around. There is no blistering or cracking like with eczema, just redness and a white crusting over top. It has also caused habitual dermatillomania and I find it very difficult to resist peeling some of the patches off.It's been very aggravating and I'm getting fed up with the constant cycle of waking up every morning and hoping to see improvement, and instead having to check a mirror for flakes once every hour. Is there anyone who has had a similar experience to mine?

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