Hey everyone! I have been wondering if getting a partial or a half perm on my hair.

I have type 2c hair. The whirly/wavy type. I have a mix of spirals, waves and straight hair underneath. It can get annoying at times, especially with weather. I have holy grail products that I use to encourage curl and defined curls. But I have like no volume at the roots. I've tried lifting parts with clips but it doesn't stay. I'm wondering if getting parts of my hair permed will make it look more uniform and not 4 different curl patterns? 

1 Answer

If you mean to ask whether you can texlax/texturize/under-processed relax your hair to try and make the curls look the same, I wouldn't recommend it. It's pretty unpredictable what results you'll get so you may just be making yourself 4 straighter, but still different hair types. If you mean will relaxing in general make your hair more uniform, it will... because all your hair will be straight. That would probably just make the volume issue worse plus relaxers change the structure of your hair, damaging it and must be continuously redone whenever your roots grow out. Ultimately, it might be even more hassle then keeping up with your routine :\