Hey, Last year I permed my 3c hair which REALLY damaged my hair how can i get my hair natural again

2 Answers

You need to do a big chop. I'm sure you were dreading this answer, but it's the only way to get them back. Once the damage is done, you cannot reverse it. Hair isn't living. It's just a bunch of protein, so cells aren't repairing themselves or replacing the dead ones. You have to stop all heat, moisturize, and do protein treatments regularly in order to prevent further damage. Then you need to cut all of the damage off. You can do it stages, but getting it all over with is the best way in my opinion. That's what I did and I am really happy with my decision. That way your hair won't look dry and damaged and uneven in texture anymore. Once you cut all of the damage off, your hair will grow very quickly. 
Yep, what JessiiLeighh said. :) You'll just have to grow out new hair and chop off the old hair whenever you're ready.