Hi. How do I help my hair retain more moisture and hold it in.

Im 3c and my hair doesn't lock in moisture well even when I try to seal it in. It becomes dry and damaged looking rather quickly. please help

2 Answers

Have you tried High Porosity Moisture-seal masque... I used it and it really made my hair more .. un-frizzy! Its definitely worth a shot. It locks in all moisture...trust me. I tried like a zillion products and this is the only one that even comes close..http://www.sheamoisture.com/Mongongo-Hemp-Seed-Oil
I had a similar problem and found MicMas Remix My Mix because they tailored the  organic and natural ingredients for my low porosity hair. Which is what it sounds like your hair is. With the Micmas Remix My Mix I am able to choose grapeseed oil, argan oil, a little mango butter and honey and they mix it up for me with me making them aware in the comment section that its for low porosity hair. They ship it for free and my hair has been so healthy from using this mixture they made specifically for my low porosity hair. Love their stuff! www.micmasremix.com