Hi ! My question is : What makes a natural decide to take hair pills ?

I have realized that some of the famous naturals who have long beautiful hair have taken hair pills to obtain their length. There's nothing wrong with that but I would just like to know what the benefits are. Wheteher to obtain faster growth , thicker hair, stronger etc. 

3 Answers

Mostly for faster growth, from what I've seen. I think many curlies are frustrated with slow growth and want to see faster results.
Hair pills feed your hair like vitamins feed your body. I know that's kind of a bad and pointless analogy, but taking them ensures that your hair has all it needs (from the inside) to be healthy as it grows from the scalp. It's easier to keep hair strong and healthy when it grows out that way then to try to remedy the situation through topical products and lengthy regimen practice.s 
Its pretty obvious. To help their hair in growth and for some, thickness. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. If you feel that your hair is not where it should be or that its not growing at all, why spend years on products that only tack on the outside.I take Hairfinity because my hair doesnt  grow "normally" anymore. When i was 8 years old, i went into a pool, mom was too lazy to wash my hair and bye-bye growing hair. Its been a struggle ever since.So you've stated the answer in your question. Its just to aid in your hairs overall health from the INSIDE out.