High density 4b/c hair is thinner after severe breakage and shedding. What can I do to remedy this?

After series of severe breakage and shedding, I have a lot of undergrowth, that is short hairs on my head. I don't know whether to cut my hair and start again (big chop) or leave them to grow and catch up with the longer ones. What do you suggest?

1 Answer

I don't think the hairs will actually catch up since the other part will still be growing, but that's totally up to you! However, I think it's time for a regimen reform. Did you get to your cause of shedding and breakage? Address those problems.I would recommend promoting a clean scalp, deep conditioning weekly, and taking the proper steps to moisturize.For growth and thickening, Jamaican Black Castor oil works wonders! Just massage it into your scalp every few days (everyday may cause build up since it's a heavier oil.)Good Luck!