How do i get my curl back after damage

I ombréd my hair using bleach and now my ends are straight and extremely frizzy. I tried coconut oil over night and I also tries Shea moisture in my hair for 2 hours. Nothing helped 

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I have found that protein treatments and products with keratin are very helpful in bringing your curls back after a damaging bleach or color session. This won't repair them completely but I found that my hair lost its curl completely after I bleached it blonde and then Aphogee and AG Keratin products helped bring my curls back. Ultimately a trim is the only way to completely get rid of the damage. 

And stay away from heat and chemicals!

Unfortunately, once hair is damaged, it cannot be revived. Hair is not living, so it cannot repair itself. What you need to do is prevent further damage by doing protein and deep conditioning treatments regularly, and get a nice big chop. Once the damage is cut off, your hair will curl wonderfully and it will grow very fast. Preserving your ends is the best way to see hair growth, so you'll quickly regain the length that you lost.

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