How do I get my curls back?!

I used to have fairly curly hair, now, its kind of straightening out... When I would wash my hair, it would defintiely curl up, now it curls at the crown of my head but the sides and underneath are definitely more straight. Is this heat damage? Moroccan oil used to work wonders for my hair, and now my hair doesn't seem to respond to anything! Any suggestions would be amazing! I'm missing my curls!

2 Answers

Have you clarified? Trimmed lately? How often do you use heat? Maybe it's time to lay off a bit and focus on getting your curls back. Also, I've known hair textures to change over time- not saying you are getting older (you look fabulous btw :) ), but maybe your texture is just changing.... 
Thank you!! I'm hoping it's not a texture change :( it's definitely time for a trim. I do use heat, I guess I have quite a few changes to make. I just need to see which products would be best.