How do I prevent my roots from growing in straight?

My hair is naturally very coily/curly, and I used to blow-dry and straighten it constantly (literally every day) for years and I just recently stopped and got it cut about 4 inches, so it seems to be healthier on the tips and I've also been using deep conditioners weekly. However, my roots seem to be coming in straighter. Is there a way to prevent my hair from going straight or wavy? thanks

1 Answer

Sadly no. Your hair is going to grow how it wants grow and only time will tell if it starts back to growing curly. Just keep doing what you are doing. Deep condition weekly, try not use super harsh products on your hair like those that contain sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, and silicones, and stay away from the heat styling. To speed up growth, you can also massage you scalp with peppermint oil to help stimulate the hair follicle and it's also good for helping to keep your hair and scalp moisturized.