How do i stop losing so much length once my hair is dry?

4 Answers

It sounds like you might be referring to shrinkage. You could try pineappling or put your hair up in a loose bun while it dries. Here's a tutorial for how to pineapple:
There are a couple products that can elongate your curls. Look around on this site for more info. I think there's one called Extenzz or something like that.
There are different methods for safely stretching your hair, because it sounds like you've got shrinkage.Try twisting or braiding your hair into about 5 sections before you go to sleep (and while it is still wet). Use a twisting cream to help elongate your curls, and the next day when you wake up, un twist/braid and use a little refresher spritz to add hydration & shine to your curls.hope this helps!
2 big freach braids make waves on most textured hair