How do you know if your hair is damaged?

I'm wondering if my hair is damaged somehow. It looks like I have breakage because it basically looks like I have split ends all along each hair shaft not just at the end. Each hair has its own personal permanent coating of frizz.The top of my head is always covered in flyaways and my hair feels limp and brittle. I have literally only straightened my hair about three times in my life so it can't be heat damage, I never use a brush, I don't use sulphates and I don't use a towel to dry my hair. My hair used to be so thick but now it's just dull and frizzy. How could I have damaged it? Could I be glycerin sensitive or protein sensitive or do I need more protein? Whenever I get into the shower and attempt to wet my hair I know I have already lost the battle as the water just runs off my hair and each strand has a coating of frizz around it. Even when I put in the conditioner it doesn't seem to help. Please help because I'm going insane here!

2 Answers

Hmm there's a lot going on here. First of all, you can be born with high porosity hair that let's go of moisture too easily. To combat this, you must do plenty of deep treatments, as well as protein treatments. Never do PTs alone, you must follow them immediately with tons of moisture from a DT. Seal with an oil after putting in moisturizing styling products. You may also be experiencing some buildup, so try clarifying and then doing a DT, before you proceed, just to see if that cures the problem.
I'm pretty sure I have low porosity hair. Mostly because it takes so long to get my hair wet in the shower and it never really gets wet, also it takes hours and hours for it to dry. Because it never gets wet in the shower the conditioner isn't able to soak into my hair, it just slides off. I've tried deep treatments with some heat to try and get moisture in but it's no use!