How long can "hormonal upsets" affect your hair?

I am 29 years old and my body has been through many "hormonal upsets" in the past 8 years. By hormonal upsets, I mean full term pregnancies, miscarriages, and different birth control pills. I've gone almost 10 months free of these hormonal upsets but I'm still noticing hair loss. I started taking biotin 2 months ago with prenatal vitamins and the hair loss has decreased a little. My gyno isn't much help; she just wants to put me back on the pill which is a temporary fix (and ironically the cause for this most recent bout of hair loss). When can I expect my hormones to level out and have normal hair growth again? Have others gone through this as well?

1 Answer

I have no idea about this, but I would ask at a hair salon. They might try to sell you something, but you don't need to buy it. Or better yet, as your stylist. I don't think this is a curly problem, but they deal with hair every day, and they can also ask hairdresser friends if they don't have a solution for you.