How should I wear my 3b hair while exercising?

I am in the ROTC Program at KSU and we have PT 2-3 times a week at 6am. I need something simple and fast. I usually put it in a high bun but after i take the bun out itll have a bump in my curls so then id have to cowash again. Is there anything more convenient or should i wash it anyway since i work out a lot? 

1 Answer

oh wow. i had the same problem. but i did find the solution after lots of experimentation. 1) a high pony not a bun,as this will not ruin the texture of your hair. 2) i sometimes braid my hair on the side (left side for me) using only three sections as its simple and sometimes in a side fishtail. 3) you have to haveee tooo wash your hair after every session cause sweat and salt in the sweat is baddd for your hair colour. just rinse with water thoroughly, no need for shampoo each time