How to recover from heat damage

I am 13 years old and I think I have Heat damage. When I went to Ethiopia in 2013 I would straighten my hair once every week for 3 months but between then i also braided my hair. My hair would get really frizzy after I wash it and the curls would puff out. So I think I have heat damage. I have been natural for 3 months now, and am trying to get my curls back. 

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Try scrunching your curls. Use a deep conditioning mask for you hair and make sure its sulfate free. 
do a protein treatmeant
do a protein treatmeant
do a protein treatmeant
hey! I have an update if you have access to a computer or have a smart phone go on YouTube and check out "sunkissalba" she has an amazing video on how to recover from heat damage! And she has a lot of videos about curly hair styling and washing :) 
Try these tips from this helpful article:
Deep condition at least once a week and use mosturizing products,also trim your damaged ends
The best way to recover from heat damage is to avoid heat as much as possible. Also deep conditioning treatments either once a week or once every 2 weeks. And you can't salvage damaged hair because their is no way to undo the damage so you will have to trim the damaged hair.
The only way to fully recover from heat damage is to cut off the dead ends. Focus on treating your hair like silk and trying not to style it. If you don't want to do a big chop, try getting half an inch off every month or so until your hair is healthy again (a half an inch a month is the average rate of growth for hair, so it probably won't get much shorter). Like everyone else said, deep condition and moisturize to help it look a bit better and to tame frizz. But it won't look, feel, or be healthy again until the damage has been chopped off.