I have 2A type of hair but i want to encourage my hair to curl how much it can to become like 3b.

Any products or advices to help my hair to curl,please?

4 Answers

you can't just jump to a completely different curl pattern without chemicals. My only advice is to love your hair for what it is and ignore what it's not.
:0  OMG i love 2a hair! Well, its not possible to be permanent ever but you can do styles that make it that way. The closest you can get is 2c or 3a. ( you have to say thats awesome ). You can use a curling iron every once in a while, you can do braid styles that you take out in the morning , or you can use rollers. When doing this use your fingers to detangle to prevent frizz. Here's a good video on curling hair with no heat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FB8O3XZc4u0 hope you like it! :) 
here's good twist that you can do
sry forgot to put in link