I have 3B hair. It was mostly ringlets with some frizzy/not so curly spots. Now, it is 100% frizz!

I have hypothyroid, and was off my meds for a few months.  Started losing hair like mad (mostly from the crown area).  These loose hairs tangle with other hairs and make a mess.  So, I got back on Levothyroxine, and hair loss slowed back down, but hasn't stopped.  I also have MRSA/Staph skin colonization, for over a year now, from when I was in the hospital to have my knee replaced (and there's something painful and itchy all over the crown of my scalp/head).  My doctors thinks it's the MRSA/Staph, like on my skin.  Couple weeks ago, I bought Shea Moisture shampoo and condition, Kinky Curly Knot Today, and Loreal Oleo mask.  A week or so into using the new products, my hair lost all its curl and went completely frizzy!  Huge frizz!  The frizz combined with the hair loss from hypothyroid, is making mats in my hair!  The mats are especially big and bad, again, at the crown of my head!  The painful stuff on my scalp has now mostly turned into what feels like something scaly and painful.  I still have a couple areas that feel like open sores.  What is happening to me???  What's happening to my poor hair?  My hair is now like Rosanne Rosanadana (old Saturday Night Live Sketch).

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Oh bless your heart! That's terrible! I cannot address anything medical, those sores on your head need to be under the Dr's advisement. However I can say that just because a product is good does not mean it's good for you! I've had to return some Shea Moisture products because they matted my hair and I lost a bunch in the shower and then tried another shampoo by them and I'm fine. Ingredients make all the difference. I'd suggest you start keeping a little journal about what you use each wash and how it looks, lasts, feels, etc. This can help (it did for me). Best wishes for a speedy recovery!